Leg 3 Day 4 fish against man

It was tuna for dinner. But it was not the tuna we caught. We had our reel out since yesterday was a becalmed day. In the afternoon the reel went off. Fish! It was a struggle since it was a big fish. After a 30min battle between Gareth and what was a yellow fin we finally see this tuna jump out of the water. It was indeed big. We had not caught a fish in a while so we were not so well prepared and just tried our luck to get this lovely fish onto our platform. Just as it was coming out of the water the hook tore lose since the fish was quite big and heavy. Fish won. But it did provide entertainment.

The night was an eerie one. Full of dew and mist. Lesser visibility than usual and not even a breeze. We motored all night just to get to the morning when the expected headwind started.

It will be headwind until tonight…but this is the life we choose!

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Leg 3 Day 2 – changes in sail plan

Our weather reports are not downloading in their entirety nonetheless we have what we have as weather. And this meant that in the last 24 hours the wind blew from 20 knots down to just 5 knots and up again, first from the east, than south east than south than back to east.

This got us to work on our sails, so much for lazy sailors! It was first genoa, than gennaker, than full sail, than the iron sail and finally for the night the genoa.

We had more dolphins and our first turtle! Always nice to see turtles. The dolphins where quite curious when we were gibing with our gennaker!

We definitely got our calories intake too. Fresh croissant, 2nd breakfast, pasta, tiramisu, and finally salmon for dinner. With the many snacks in between, especially for the night.

All is well on the boat, both humans and dog are keeping normal high. The sun helps in keeping our moral high and this was the first day in which we actually were wearing shorts.